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Price Guide & Floor Plans

As every event is unique, you can select exactly what you require with our itemised quote system. This allows you to make your special occasion as personal, stylish and cosy as you desire, whilst also keeping everything within your budget.


Hire prices to start from £850 with our smallest tipi.

 To make a booking we require a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure your chosen date with the remaining balance to be paid at least 42 days prior to your event.


To give you inspiration for your special celebration we have put together some prices and floor plan based on the numbers of guests!



Below we have put together a few combinations to give you an idea of the size and teepee you may wish to hire for your special occasion. We have also given some advice and recommendations for what size of tipi you would require for your event depending on numbers etc.

Giant Teepee (10.3m Diameter)

Starting from


(Max Standing: 80/ Max Seated 72)

Midi Teepee (8.5m Diameter)

Starting from


(Max Standing: 58/ Max Seated: 48)

Baby Teepee (6.5m Diameter)

Starting from


(Max Standing: 25/ Max Seated: 16)

Recommended Guideline

We recommend 50 people seated per Giant Hat Teepee.

However keep in mind your additional furnitures such as your bar, dance floor and fire pit etc.etc.

Party of 50/60 guests

- Recommend 1 giant or 1 giant + 1 midi

Party of 100 guests

- Recommend 2 giants or 2 giants + 1 midi

Wedding for 80-100 seated guests

-Recommend 3 giant teepee's

Party with 120-150 guests

- Recommend 3 giants/3giant + 1 midi

Wedding with 120-150 guests

- Recommend 3 giants + 1 Midi, 4 giants or 4 giants + 1 midi

Party with 180-200 guests

- Recommend 4 giants/4giants + 1midi

Wedding with 180-200 guests

-Recommend 4 giants + 1 midi/ 5 giants or

5 giants + 1 midi

Teepee Tent Hire can, of course, cater for even more guests up to 500 guests+, but these are some of the most popular requests.

Fill in our Online Enquiry Form Here

and receive an itemised quote.

BUT first, download our brochure to see all the furniture and accessory option first!

We also have contacts for a wider range of furniture and equipment including; heaters, generators, toilets, themed accessories and more. For further information please call us on 01254 208166 or email us at


You can also download our product and floorplan brochure by filling out the form below:

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