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Teepee Tent Hire Defies the Odds through Storm Callum!

A common misconception we hear from our clients is that Teepee’s are just a ‘summer thing’ and better fitted for the warmer months. Please do not be lead astray by this fallacy…

Quite the opposite really… Not only can you benefit from seasonal discounts on the Teepee’s for events that take place in our off-peak months, but the atmosphere for Christmas parties, birthdays & other celebrations is warm, unique and simply lovely!

Last month we held our open weekend at Hobbit Hill, Clitheroe. Despite numerous weather warnings with gusts up to 80 mph, the installation team worked tirelessly to put the Teepee’s up through Storm Callum. Successfully standing, we welcomed suppliers and clients on the Saturday, the majority of customers saying it was a ‘huge assurance’ to them that the tents could withstand such extreme weather conditions, an endorsement to the strength and versatility of our tents.

Teepee Tent Hire is entering its busiest winter yet with various events on the horizon from winter wonderlands to christenings, Christmas parties and even wakes. Whatever the occasion the tents can be transformed to suit your requirements.

Below are some images from our fabulous Christmas parties where guests described the event as ‘nothing like we had imagined, it has been an experience that was truly special and unique’.

We would love to welcome you into our ‘Gentlemen’s Lounge’ here at Teepee Tent Hire to have a warm cup of tea and discuss your celebration! Please get in contact with us to book your free of charge consultation with the team.


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